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Possible Calendar Change for This School Year

Dear Wall Township Community ~ It appears that we are going to have another mild winter. As you know, the calendar allows for three emergency closing days. Last night, the BOE discussed a request from the teachers to add extra days off for staff and students if the 'snow days' are not needed. It was my recommendation to the BOE that one day be added as a 'day off' as part of spring break if the district has not had to use any of the emergency closing days by mid-March.

The decision will not be made until March 13th; however, I'm informing you now so that you can plan accordingly. If none of the days have been used by March 13th, then the calendar will be adjusted and the BOE will approve a revised calendar at their meeting on March 17th. Tuesday, April 14th will become a day where the district will be closed. No additional days will be added as closed days. The three days that are built into the calendar can be needed for emergencies other than snow and those emergencies can occur in April, May or June. 

You will receive official notice of any change to the calendar on March 18th following the BOE meeting. 

Best wishes, 

Mrs. Dyer, Superintendent 

Posted on February 12, 2020